Vitae Streamlined Credentials

Designed from the ground up, with you in mind. Manage, update, and share your professional credentials with ease.

The features you asked for

Designed by doctors, for doctors. Our mission is to make your professional life easier.

Powerful Design

Effortless interface. Zero redundancy. Highest level security and privacy. Designed with you in mind.

Your Professional Passport

Your credentials live digitally on your Vitae, like stamps on a passport. Add new ones throughout your career, and share the ones you already have.

Less Paperwork

Apply for a new job, get credentialed, or get recredentialed, all without filling out a new form or touching a fax machine.

Vitae simplifies your life

When credentialing isn’t painful, think of what you could do….

Disaster Response

Find jobs in dire need of your skills.

Career Change

Just looking for something different? See what’s out there.

Track your CME, Procedures, and Teaching

Log all the important details in one place.

Save Time

No more manual entry forms or PDFs.

Vitae is different

  • Private Network

    Vitae is a private network, connecting hospitals, educational institutions, and healthcare providers.

  • Prioritizing Interoperability

    Making your professional life easier is our mission. We integrate with existing systems to minimize redundant processes.

  • In for the Long Haul

    Your Vitae passport is designed to grow with your career.

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